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Important Information

* Participating programs will receive a quarterly check from the “Call On The Fighter” program. 

* Buyers need to “select” your organization when purchasing the song(s) in order to raise funds for your program.

* Your program is responsible for reporting the earnings according to IRS requirements.

* All fighter photos submitted may not appear due to size, quality, quantity of submission or for content reasons. Submitted photos will assume permission for online use by ALL persons pictured was granted.

* "Call On The Fighter”  logo, song(s), videos, merchandise are copyright/trademark protected and may not be used without express permission from Bridges for Parkinson's representatives.  

* Marketing images and resources are available for your use.  Any form, advertisement, document that relates to the "Call on the Fighter" project MUST be approved before use by a Bridges for Parkinson's representative.

* A participation agreement is required to join our program and gets sent to the provided email address.

* The “Call On The Fighter” reserves the right to remove organizations not following the mission of our program.

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